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In Dekalabs we are experts of app development, and we adapt daily to your needs to make your life easier. We offer you the best service and quality in the design and mobile app development.

Our obsession for perfection forces us to pursue the best-done jobs, and that is why we develop apps taking into account the usability and the user experience, its visual attractiveness and its functionality to give you the tool you are looking for. Our more than ten-year experience in app development for iOS and Android validates us as experts of native apps.

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We are experts of native apps development, both for iOS and Android. Our technical developments are thought to reach the maximum efficiency and the projects’ objetives, taking advantage of the power that mobile devices offer. We work with you to optimize the apps potentiality needed, and we apply them technologically thinking about a scalable and profitable project.

Moreover, as UX and app design specialists, we know mobile apps interfaces are key for its success.

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We give your app visibility in the App Store and Google Play.

There are millions of mobile apps in the market. Giving yours visibility and a privileged position is possible thanks to an ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy. This will help the app be found and will increase its downloads.

If you want to see your app above its competency, this strategy will be needed. The majority of your competitors have not invested in ASO yet, and that is why we can overcome them.


When we develop a mobile app, a professional design increases the attractiveness and makes your app more simple and interesting for the final user. The users’ experience is radically different, efficient and it makes possible reaching the objectives on which the app was based.

Animations, transitions and, in general, your app’s interface, are vital for the success of your project. We must not forget that a good design of the logo can make you obtain a higher number of downloads.

If you don’t have your own designer, we can help you. We are experts in UX and mobile app development.

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Agencia desarrollo aplicacioens móviles

Why a mobile app?

  • Specifically developed for each operating system (iOs or Android)
  • These mobile apps have complete access to the characteristics of your device (software and hardware.
  • They have the capacity of using hardware functionalities.
  • They offer functionality in the background.
  • They send and receive push notifications, that are the messages that we receive in the top of our phone’s screen, to inform us about the news in an installed app.
  • Native apps operate offline, so you can use them without an Internet connection.
  • Its execution and charging are faster.
  • They guarantee a better users experience in the app mobile because its navigation is much more fluid.


Our mobile app development experiences
around the world speak for themselves.

In Dekalabs we work with a methodology based in remote working, and without fixed timetables. Thanks to that, we adapt to the needs and time zones of the client.

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