Machines that learn
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We help you giving value to all the information that your business has, through a competitive and productive tool that will help you make the difference in the company’s results in a market that is every day more challenging.

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Machine Learning & IA application

Predictive models

Through the process of identifying new models, tendencies and seasonalities we will be able to undertake the future sales and demands, the stock needs and the market tendencies in foresight.


Analyze and process the historical information and transform it into actionable knowledge to custom the offers transmitted to your clients, either they are based on their location, sales history, etc.

Detection of anomalies

Automatizing and escalating the detection of anomalies will be fundamental to solve them as quickly as possible and causing the minimum impact.

Detection and prevention of fraud

The developed algorithms can be used to create predictive models that are capable of predicting the probability of a fraudulent activity, which are complex tendencies, difficult to detect by humans or other automatic techniques.

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How can we give you value through machine learning techniques?

Obtaining valuable information from data is a competitive advantage that is worth considering. With great quality data, appropriate technologies and suitable analysis it is possible to generate behavior models to analyze the large volume of complex data that will allow us to obtain high-value predictions to take decisions and develop better actions for your business.

  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources
  • Extraction of implicit information
  • Identification of unexpected patterns
  • Discovering of rules (regularities), restrictions, etc.
  • Generalization and specialization capacity
  • Data sources adaptable to change

This is how we can help you with Machine Learning

  • Risk and non-payments detection
  • Client segmentation: having a deeper knowledge of the client allows us to put them in groups, so we can offer you a customized offer for each segment, which allows the focalization of efforts.
  • Customized recommendations to clients.
  • Detection of cross-selling patterns. Selling complementary products as the one that are consumed or that the client wants to consume.
  • Demand prediction. Knowing how the clients will behave help us avoiding stockout situations and allows us to create marketing campaigns to increase the demand.
  • In transport or manufacturing companies: automatization of logistical processes.
  • Customer service: contactability increase and abandonment reduction.
  • Text analysis: analysis of feelings, reputations and valuations.
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Machine Learning & IA application in some sectors:


  • Estimation of demand
  • Estimation of price variation
  • Prediction of buyers behavior
  • Optimization of marketing campaigns


  • Detection of online fraud
  • Detection of anomalies
  • PPrediction of finantial risks
  • Prediction of recession


  • Prediction of breast cancer
  • Prediction of cardiac illness
  • Analysis of postural activity
  • Prediction of hospital stay


  • Predictive maintenance in aeronautics
  • Prediction of energetic demand
  • Analysis of cars telemetry
  • Prediction of plane delays


Successful cases

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