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The health of the worker is directly linked to the productivity of the company, and that is why we think it is fundamental to bring the best care in all aspects: flexible timetable, remote working, full trust in their work, family and labor conciliation, etc.

Dekateam 3

Fran Rodríguez

Lead Android

Dekateam 4

Javi Chaqués

Senior Android

Dekateam 5

David Mares

Senior Android

Dekateam 6

Kike Bernet

Senior Android

Dekateam 7

Abel Llopis

Lead IOS

Dekateam 8

José Sancho

Senior iOS

Dekateam 9

Ginés Navarro

Senior iOS

Dekateam 10

Rosana Mas


Dekateam 11

Marcos Gabarda

Lead Web

Dekateam 12

Iván Martín

Senior Backend

Dekateam 13

Victor Borrás

Senior Fullstack

Dekateam 14

Rubén Blanco


Dekateam 15

Sandra García

Project Management

Dekateam 16

Adriana Fraile

Project Management

Dekateam 17

Ricardo Salinas

Project Management

Dekateam 18

Roberto Broseta


Dekateam 19

Enrique Querol

Senior Frontend

Dekateam 20

Zoe Isabel Senón

Junior Frontend

Dekateam 21

Inés Lara

Junior Frontend

Dekateam 22

Sebas Delgado


Dekateam 23

Aida Andrés


Dekateam 24

David Ortega


Dekateam 25


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