Technology adapts daily to the necessities of the consumer and used to make life a little easier. At DEKALABS, we always keep up to date and so are able to offer you the latest innovations, with the best service and at the highest quality.

Development of Apps IOS Android

If you have reached out web site, then you require professional App developers for your project. We are perfectionists and pay great attention to detail. We always pursue and assure to do the best job, which is why we have specialized in Native Apps for Android and iOS.

Native Apps are favoured by your customers, as they offer magnificent results in both design and usability. This is due to the fact that each one is designed exclusively for the software of a specific terminal, which in turn optimizes the performance of the App. Plus, the interface is totally adapted to the operating system and so results appear more familiar to the user.

  • Native App for iOS: App created exclusively for iphones.
  • Native App for android: App created exclusively for mobile phones with the Android operating system.

At DEKALABS we develop your App from beginning to end and also advise you on the usability of such, from our experienced point of view.

Once we have completed your project, we will take charge to make sure that your App appears in Google play and Apple store, enabling it to be downloaded.

Nowadays an incredible amount of companies have joined the ‘world of Apps’.

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ASO. Positioning in Google Play and Apple Store.

Millions of Apps already exist on the market. Giving visibility and a privileged position to your App is possible due to the strategy ASO (App Store Optimization).

This strategy is a necessity if you are looking to position your App above those of your competitors. Most of your competitors have not yet invested in ASO and this being, together we’re still in time to take the lead.

At Dekalabs we have expert collaborators at our disposition that will help to position your App in the top few positions on Apple Store and Google Play.

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Design and usability

The design provides value to your App. A professional design, increases its attractiveness and converts your App into one which is more interesting and less complicated for the end user. This changes the experience of the end user radically.

The animations, transitions and the general interface of your App, are vital to the success of your brand.

We must not forget that a great icon design may lead to obtaining a higher number of downloads.

If you have not yet found or decided on a designer, we can put you in contact with some of our expert collaborators in App design.

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